13 Reasons Why

So many of you may of heard of the new Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why. The series is about a 17 year old girl called Hannah Baker who commits suicide due to situations that happened in her past (all of these were brought upon by 13 different people that eventually lead her to kill herself). She then records 13 tapes explaining what and how they drove her into a growing depression- she sent these to each person and told them to pass them along to the next after the had finished. Clay (her friend) then realises that he is part of the reason and we see the stories unfold through Clay.

Anyway, now I’ve told you a very brief plot summary i want to explain to you how it has impacted me and i also want to talk about what could happen if there was a season 2! clearly there will be spoilers in that section but i shall worn you before so if you haven’t watched it you can click off.

How it hasĀ impacted me-

I have been in a growing depression most of my teenage life due to being bullied about the type of music i listened to and the person i looked up to (Michael Jackson), i have also been bullied about my hair, my fashion and my personality so i definitely related to the character of Hannah. This is a very real subject that they have portrayed amazingly. Suicide is not easy to talk about and it’s sure doesn’t feel any better to have to go through it or to even think about wanting to do it to yourself, but you just can’t help the feelings. I’ve been told by countless people to just change and stop feeling the way i feel but it doesn’t work and it didn’t work for Hannah either. It impacted me in the way that almost every person in Hannah’s life were connected and how just by saying one negative comment could cause a butterfly effect.

It has made me feel very open minded and has made me aware of my surrounding people to see if they are going through the same thing as she did.



So now i would like to talk about what could possibly happen if there was a season 2.

Firstly, Tyler. On the very last episode we all saw him with a box full of guns, prior to this we see him taking down a picture of Alex in his photography red room and even prior to this we see a male in the back of an ambulance with a gun shot wound to the head. We all know that Tyler was being left out from all the group discussions on what to do about the tapes and even being bullied, so he could have reasons for wanting to hurt the people who did that to him. In his red room he has pictures of everyone involved with Hannah’s death so this could be a ‘hit list’ trying to kill off everyone that did him wrong starting with Alex. BUT Alex was nice to Tyler a few days before this so Tyler could just be taking down his picture from his list because he’s not going to kill him anymore- meaning another person was in the ambulance (and you know who else had a gun) JUSTIN. Either way Tyler is showing the basic signs of a school shooting which is also a very current and relevant subject.

Another theory is that Hannah is still alive and is using the tapes to try and get money. Although this is probably not true, it does fit. Hannah’s family are desperate for money and by having the tapes and getting the insurance companies involved could give the family quite a lot of money if they find out the reasoning behind her suicide and if it was the schools lack of stopping bullying. this one is a little far fetched but is still a possibility.

thank you guys so much for reading.